Monday, September 8, 2014

Saving Tate Michaels

Saving Tate Michaels
(Book Three in the Isaac Hunt Series)

Former FBI agent Tate Michaels's past and present threaten to pull him further from his relationship with God and family when he needs them most. To save his family from a kidnapper bent on revenge, Tate Michaels must first lose himself.
Tate is forced to examine his motives and open himself to a whole new definition of family.
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Monday, September 1, 2014

Should You Eat the Cake You Have

Judith ‘JJ’ Isaacs’ dream comes true when she gets the position of backup singer for Deacon Hill. She’ll soon find that her climb toward fame comes with a cost. Add to that the necessity to adjust to life on the road and JJ is forced to face the fact that celebrity isn’t always the perfect world it’s made out to be. While checking in on Sheree, her pregnant sister-in-law she is reacquainted with Dr. Simon Massari. That re-connection opens the door to what she’s needed along, but that need won’t be so easily had—for either of them.

In ‘Hitting the Right Note’, author Bowen speaks to the reality of life-choices many are faced with. The characters and situations she has created are relatable. Most of all this work speaks to the necessity of holding to one’s faith and the power of forgiveness.
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